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Mediocrity Sells Millions

Wed, 30 Jul 2003

Kiajaroovah: Mediocrity Sells Millions EP I think it's fair to say you won't hear a more unusual EP for quite a while. Built around an almost absent riffage, viable material sounds a little like Conflict would if they were only pretending to be anarchists. Kiajaroovah are the kind of band that you feel would really have a good shout and moan, if they could be bothered. Vocalist Darren might once have said "I'll shout, just a little bit, but not too loud, and then I'll go get another beer". Rabbits continues in the same vein but is considerably more rapid. Initially repetitive guitar could pass off as Everclear with the fast-forward button held down, and the largely unimaginative vocals do have more potential, but the overall effect is a lot more interesting than the sum of its parts. The crazy groove and dissolution in the middle of the song is nothing short of excellent, and gets better every time I hear it, and thus the following kick-in is more than rewarding. Great credit must go to the band for not getting diluted into any particular, comfortable genre, but something as consumable as a tune might not go amiss either.

Author: JR


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