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Is it that time again?

It's just about time for the now traditional yearly update, and your chance to get a look into the exciting world of Kiajaroovah!

During this year Kiajaroovah have not all been in the same room together once. I think you can guess the amount of music we have played...

Author: JR
Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain!

*peeks out from behind the curtain*

Author: JR


Author: JR
You wait...

...time passes...Thorin starts singing about gold...

Author: JR
And so to next year...

Obviously, we didn't win the popularity contest linked below. So with that in mind lets just see how hard we need to work to get on the bil next year.

Well here are the criteria...

* Are you good enough?

Obviously we are good enough.

We are not going to commit acts of terrorism on our next trip to the states either.

* Are you ready? (SSW is a high profile event. If you play and blow it, you're doing yourselves more harm than good)

"Come on now be honest, are you really good enough?" Yes of course we are, next question.

* Is there a good story to tell (e.g a real buzz, national reviews, genuine following on myspace etc?)

Umm...yes. I can spin a yarn or two. We once went on stage, get this, we once went on stage and played music, yeah I know music, in front of people, it wasn't even in Leicester. And I don't know what we were thinking, we were all hopped up on diet coke at the was the craze, because, because we went down rather well and were asked back again. Amazing times, exciting times. Of course we are older and wiser now.

* Do you come recommended? e.g does your EMMNET (East Midlands Music Network. officer know about you, have you done notable slots at (say) The Musician or The Charlotte etc.

Well we played a Mercury Showcase a few years ago. Dave Davies "warmed to us." It was featured in the local rag I believe. I can't believe you hadn't already heard. I shall send Dawson an email immediately.

Hello Dawson,

This is Kiajaroovah calling to tell you we exist.

Bye then.


* Are you in time (broadly speaking if its later than mid May, it will be full barring any last minute cancellations).

Well we do use polyrythmic devices on some of our tracks. It certainly can sound confusing to the casual listener, but really we do know what we are doing.

* Are you definitely available - it's amazing how many people ask to play and then don't realise that they're going to a wedding the same weekend.

Checks colender. Still leaking. It should be fine.
I think we've managed to tick all of the boxes there. I can't see any problems. :)

Author: JR
The Summer Sundae Weekender Fringe Festival

Yet more noise about the Festival.

Those Pineapster folk are curating this years, well the first Summer Sundae Weekender Fringe Festival. Running from the 4th to the 9th of August in the lead up week to the festival proper.

The offical warm up party on the 9th will be spread across four venues, three of music and one of comedy. How could you not want some of that?

Tickets for the offical warm up party are on sale now for the cost of a single pound.

Author: JR

Do you have difficulty sustaining an adequate monument or expression of hard rock desire? Are you performing unsatisfactorily at work? Do you have a tense nervous headache? Does your male pattern baldness make you irrisistable to females?

A vote for Kiajaroovah is a vote for personal gain and happiness! Vote now to ensure your hard rock is never questioned. Only by voting Kiajaroovah can you ensure a prosperous healthy future for you and your acquaintances. Simply click on this link and keep scrolling,and scrolling, and scrolling, until you see the word Kiajaroovah. Then just tick and click all your troubles away.

This is a one time offer and only in this way will you find the warm inner glow that comes from helping yourself to help others. But don't just take our word for it, we have 100s of satisfied customers.

"I voted Kiajaroovah and the weight fell off - Miss T Hermann"

"Before I voted Kiajaroovah I would get these stabbing pains in the soles of my feet, now that I have voted Kiajaroovah all my payments are rolled into one - Mr E Juniper"

"Voting Kiajaroovah made all the pain go away, now I can't remember the last time I shaved - Mrs V McCoy"

"I would recommend voting Kiajaroovah to anyone who suffers like I did with my trouble. Now I never have to bother myself more than twice a day. This is a great improvement! Thank you Kaiajroovh! - Ms B Cloister"

This offer is only valid 'til midnight on the 28th June 2007

Author: JR

You can now find Alocacoce on Last.FM where you can listen to and download the tracks we played on the radio last year.

Author: JR

So we have got round to playing a gig, it's only been a year afterall. Who knows? If this one goes well, we might try and do this more than once a year.

We are going to be playing Sumos in Leicester next weekend, with Nottinghams The Hellset Orchestra. We saw this band play with Lo-Ego And Love Ends Disaster! a while back and think that you should come down and see them.

I don't really need to tell you this here, as clearly, all the important bits are on the Live page. I just want to push Lord Summerisle a little bit further down the page.

Author: JR

So we have recorded some stuff and we have mixed some stuff. So now we have some actual product. We shall of course upload the stuff here, so then you all can share in this momentous occasion.

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