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So as I write this our drummer is out and about in York, a bit drunk and having lost his phone and therefore being unable to contact the people he is meant to be with and...what? Oh yes, well the point is that getting drunk and losing things seems to be a recurring theme around here lately. After our last gig we discovered that we had lost all of the cymbals and a Big Muff. But have no fear! As all is not "lost" *ahem* We have signed a lucrative sponsorship deal that will see Marv using "Cymbals by Matt Vent" Huge banners will be made up to proclaim this exciting new step into the corporate world of the rock whore. Full page ads in Drummers Weekly with action shots of the cymbals in question will be taken out and hopfully shot.

Umm...thanks Matt.

Author: JR

This Sunday sees the First International Horsefair at Leicesters Firefly. It includes all of these strange people...

2.30 Shane Quentin ~ DJ from CRMK

3.00 Curtis Eller ~ NYC's angriest yodelling banjo player

4.00 Chemistry Experiment ~ Kurt Wagner under the snow?

5.00 Felix ~ Spooky wine glasses

6.00 MJ Hibbett and The Validators ~ Midlands supergroup

7.00 Kevin Hewick ~ Stuff Factory!

8.00 Misterlee ~ Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a pub

9.00 Neil Heath ~ Coldstream Guards-size acoustic onslaught

10.00 Thomas Truax ~ He'll make music with the contents of your kitchen

...and I think everyone should try and make it down. It is FREE!

As this is a site about Kiajaroovah and not horses, I think I should just add that we are playing our first gig since July this Thursday at The Attik, entrance is by charitable donation. For all the details see the live page.

Author: JR
Not much to report...

As there is a lack of Kiajaroovah stuff to stick here, I thought I would just point you in the direction of some friends.

Me and Jude went to the launch party for Cousin Scampis split 10" a week or so ago. It was a really good night. A really good night. You can order it from Force Fed Records.

You can stream the entire of Vents debut album from their site.

Threadbear have a demo they would like you to listen to and TEAM are releasing their second album on Captains of Industry in September.

Love Ends Disaster! Have a free download single available over on their site. They have also managed to get themselves on the bill at this years Summer Sundae festival.

Cousin Scampi And TEAM are playing the The Attik this evening for Pineapster. There is also a Pickled Egg night downstairs. I would suggest you go.

Author: JR
Some mostly cosmetic changes...
Some mostly cosmetic changes...

So another incarnation of the site, not dissimilar to the last one at first glance. So we have gone all bloggy, partly so that we can keep an audio blog of ideas and jams so that you can keep up with what we are doing, and mostly because the old site was a bit boring. Look, this one has pictures now. The old one could have had pictures but frankly I couldn't be bothered with it.

So anyway, new site and all that. Please make use of the comments.

Author: JR

ha! well that was exceedingly good fun. A 30mins set made up on the spot with a brand new drummer. Thanks Matt. It's been recorded so there might well be some mp3s on the way.

For a review click here.

Author: JR

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! A scratch kiajaroovah lineup plays Club Sporadic, new drummer, extra guitar, less songs, more improvisation. It will have to be seen to be believed or some other similar hackneyed expression.

"If it hurts your ears, you shouldn't be standing so close to the cutting edge."

Author: JR

The GBH was great fun. It was nice to play with some bands where we weren't the only people who were trying something a little different for once. Thanks to PRE for the lend of some kit.

The Cousin Scampi gig at Firefly has had to be cancelled for now. With a bit of luck it will just be a postponement.

Author: JR

Thanks to everyone who came down to see us last night. It was another of those strange bills where we stood out like, well stuck between a couple of acoustic acts and a band who reminded me of Live, you get the idea. Still it was fun and that is what we want.

Author: JR

Long time no news...There will be some free copies of Blue Sky Honey...available at our Social gig. For you to take away with you and enjoy afterwards.

Author: JR

Cover art has been sorted for Blue Sky Honey meets the WDR. It can be found over on the Sounds page.

The wiki section of the site is up and running, so go and have a play in the sandpit and have some fun.

Author: JR
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