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Alocacoce @ The Big Session Festival

Alocacoce play The Big Session Festival at De Montfort Hall.

Tickets available from De Montfort Hall

We'll be playing at 12pm on The Orange Tree Stage.
That was fun, rain, mud, beer tent, a captive audience and we shifted some CDs. All in all a good thing. Some of the other bands were quite good as well. ;)

Sumos, Braunstone Gate, Leicester

Kiajaroovah will be playing Sumos in Leicester with The Hellset Orchestra and The Manhattan Project.

Tickets are available from Rockaboom for £4.

Doors at 8:30pm

Beltane Fayre

Kiajaroovah will be playing at the Spring Equinox Fayre at Moat Community College, Maidstone Road, Leicester, LE2 0TU

We will be playing in The Theatre at 2:30pm.

It's free and is on from 11am til 6pm.


Alocacoce will be playing Howard Colemans Acoustic Special. at The Doghouse, Nottingham Rd. Loughborough. Proceeds to OXFAM. £3 on the door, £1.50 with concessions. Doors at 8:30pm

We will probably be playing at about 10:30pm.


Alocacoce play Oxjam @ Firebug, Leicester.

Alocacoce will be on stage at 8:35pm. Doors at 1:00pm.

info about this event can be found here. Entry by donation.


Alocacoce will be apearing on the Mark Hillier show on Lutterworth FM to play a session and answer some questions. The show airs between 7 and 10pm on 97.5FM or can be streamed directly from their website
PRONK! That was fun, very warm fun, but fun. We played three tunes live in the studio, David Bowie, S.I.M.! A.N. and Billy Bremners Boots*. A recording of the session will be made available here when we recieve our copy. PRONK!

*Song titles subject to change.


Alocacoce play the Pineapster Communion, with Gren Bartley and Kevin Hewick.

£1 on the door. Doors at 8:30pm

@ The Attik, Free Lane, Leicester.


An Alocacoce gig at The Sun, Churchgate, Leicester. With Mike Authentics and Jack de Gallery. Free Entry.


This was a *good* gig. Good people (especially the barstaff), good venue, good music and free beer, which it goes without saying made it *good* beer. We played some songs and people applauded and told us they liked it. Which also is good. I wonder if they would have been so enthusiastic about the same songs if we were all amp'd up and loud.


Alocacoce play Howard Colemans acoustic special at The Doghouse, Nottingham Rd. Loughborough. Proceeds to OXFAM. £3 on the door, £1.50 with concessions.


That was nice. There should be a recording of this gig available soon for download. Comments I remember were "hypnotic," "You wouldn't believe that they play in a rock band," and "Have you been listening to jazz?"

Hetty Widegirths Hover Mower Extravaganza

Kiajaroovah will be appearing at Hetty Widegirths Hover Mower Extravaganza in the Anjuman Valley "somewhere in Sussex."

This Event is SOLD OUT.

Displaying results 1-10 of 59
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