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Hux, Jude and myself will be appearing as Alocacoce at Kev Hewicks Comfort Zone Bank Holiday Special.


Well that was nice. Thanks again to Kev for having us on, and to everyone for the kind words. People actually came up and asked for a CD. Wonders will never cease, and because as usual we failed to communicate effectively who we are or where to find us, they will probably keep wanting, which as there is no CD to be had at the moment is probably no great loss. Maybe we should pull our fingers out or something.

The Attik, Free Lane, Leicester

With Fixit Kid, Monster Killed by Laser, Cousin Scampi and Chrismartin. Doors at 7pm £3:50 on the door.

Kiajaroovah play at 7:30pm


Well we finally played some new stuff in front of people. And we didn't fall over either, that's something of an achievement I suppose. Now we just need to find ourselves a secondhand OHP...

The Persuasive Electric Blanket Lounge

at Bar Nova, Leicester with Intermission to Saturn, and a multi-projector light show. Free Entry.Doors at 8pm.


Hmm...apparently the venue has closed down so no gig.

Christmas is Shit

The Attik, Leicester, with Monster Killed by Laser, Mirror! Mirror!, Teen Amateur, Cousin Scampi, Knives and Rolo Tomassi. £4 on the door. 5pm start. Kiajaroovah play at 5:45pm and are taking the place of Glades of Pain.

We have had to pull out of this gig now for various reasons. I would still recommend going along though, it is a very good lineup.

Firefly, Leicester

With Vent and Old Basford. £2 with a flyer, £3 without. Doors at 8 PM.


Ah, we finally play Firefly and fun was had by all I think. Old Basford were as expected rather good, but unfortunately had to play to a pretty empty room as all the action was happening across town at Communion (you should be able to see Old Basford at a Communion next year...). I managed to bluff my way through the set with a slide and an open tuning to replace my damaged finger. A bit ropy but hey...we get to do it all again this weekend. Is it just me or do Vent sound a bit like Therapy? umm...? Annoyingly catchy tunes though, I found myself humming them at work this week.


with Pathwork grace and Metal Injection. Free Entry. Doors at 8PM.


Despite a shaky start to the evening, one way streets, doughnuts in carparks and a whole general air of "keep off the moors" about the place, I think it was all quite entertaining in the end. Oh, and we didn't manage to clear the entire room this time round. Although how the first band didn't leaves me umm...lost for words. This time we just forgot to tell anyone who we were. For completion I must just note that there were no unisex toilets there.


jr and Jude play Howard Colemans Acoustic Special, £3 on the door, £1.50 with concessions. Proceeds go to Oxfam.


John Peel night with -


Auxilec (Steve Morgan) - electronic, ambience)
PVC - Myoptik - experimental, funkatronix
New Potatoes - electronic, psyche, indie
Psychocandy Club - end the night with a bit of a party.
Sets roughly 45 mins or so each


Monotaxi - electronic, swirling indie
Kiajaroovah - you know. Sheer noise and intensity.
Lacosai - energy
Rods New Car - energy again!

Entry will be by charitable donation. Funds to Niger relief fund.


Well that was fun. We were rather noisy and I think managed to pretty much empty the place. One of those nights where you start with the best of intentions and then everything goes a little bit sideways on you. There was a band called AirHammer that played who I thought were very entertaining though.


jr and jude go to the city to wow the folks with their acoustic sounds. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? With Sourpuss, and Kenton Hall and JackBomb. 4pm start. Free entry.

Edit: Sourpuss have been replaced by The Falling Leaves.

Displaying results 11-20 of 59
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