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Get me a bag of apples

Tue, 16 Aug 2005

We're back! With some more bits and pieces for you to download and enjoy, mistakes and all. This week we seemed to be mostly concerned with grooves, with a little ray of sunshine at the end in the form of a spontaneous sing-a-long pop song without words.

Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 1 - 12th Aug 2005
Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 2 - 12th Aug 2005
Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 3 - 12th Aug 2005
Get me a Bag of Apples - Part 4 - 12th Aug 2005
Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 5 - 12th Aug 2005

For those of you desperate to know about this weeks recording set-up, it was a return to the classic "two mics pointed in directions" method.

Author: JR


Re: Get me a bag of apples
Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:04
Posted by Huxley
Right, I shall listen to this fresh batch of stuff and endeavour to dispense my opinion as if it was small gems from an old gem mine somewhere quite a long way a way.
Re: Get me a bag of apples
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 17:40
Posted by Fiber King
Yes, this is very good work indeed. Not as good as my moustache, but a nice try nonetheless. Incidentally, my moustache is not, and has never previously, been involved in covert operations in any part of Latin America. Therefore, my moustache would like to take this opportunity to disassociate itself with the recent comments made by American televangelist Pat Robertson. Thanks.,,1555281,00.html
Re: Get me a bag of apples
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 21:45
Posted by JR
Ah, yet another Republican trying to distance himself from Robertsons remarks I see. Look Fibre, I don't know who you are trying to kid here, but it is plain to see that your moustache had everything to do with Robertsons comments and nothing to do with being attached to your face. I have it on good authority from a Venezuelan Frenchman that your moustache was seen in Caracas sipping martinis only last week.
Re: Get me a bag of apples
Fri, 02 Sep 2005 10:15
Posted by Moscow
Avoiding mustaches at the moment, I must say I am excited about listening to the entire Kia Blog back catalogue next week when I get a new PC at last! Hurrah. And it was a pleasure to see you boys at that Summer Icecream whatever festival the other week (I heard patti smith was dire by the way, although I left before hand). Shock! A Kiaj gig as well. Count me in. And see you at Firefly the week before for the LoEgo gig?
Re: Get me a bag of apples
Fri, 02 Sep 2005 18:51
Posted by JR
At last someone else who didn't thing Patti Smith was all that cop. She was good and all but she didn't seem to have anything to say. Maybe it was the wine eh? I blame Jude.
Re: Get me a bag of apples
Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:55
Posted by stu
Part Five is on my list of Ten Most Overlooked Kiajaroovah Jam-Based Recordings Of All Time, Ever. Channel Four are making a programme about it. On this programme I will sit around, and give my witty, insightful opinion about how I came to hear it, what makes it so great, plus great anecdotes about the band - The Time They Played in the Charlotte! The Time They Played in the Attik! The Time I Thought I Was Listening to A Wasp In The Eye, But Was Listening to Get Me Bag of Apples Part Five, and the Hilarity That Ensued. Channel Four will show this programme every two days for a year, and I will get my own breakfast show on 6 Music, but then develop a cocaine addiction and be photgraphed snorting a line from the cover of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" in my pajamas whilst receiving a massage from a girl wearing two wigs.
Re: Get me a bag of apples
Thu, 16 Mar 2006 21:19
Posted by stu, innit?
A bit late, I realise, but have had a real breakthrough with Part Two. I've always felt that Part Two and myself weren't really connected, that maybe there was some underlying suspicion, or suppressed jealousy, or something, you know? Kind of missed opportunities and stuff? Like we were on, kind of, two different planes almost? You know? Tonight we really bonded. I mean, really.
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