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Firefly, Leicester

Thu, 24 Nov 2005

Firefly, Leicester

With Vent and Old Basford. £2 with a flyer, £3 without. Doors at 8 PM.


Ah, we finally play Firefly and fun was had by all I think. Old Basford were as expected rather good, but unfortunately had to play to a pretty empty room as all the action was happening across town at Communion (you should be able to see Old Basford at a Communion next year...). I managed to bluff my way through the set with a slide and an open tuning to replace my damaged finger. A bit ropy but hey...we get to do it all again this weekend. Is it just me or do Vent sound a bit like Therapy? umm...? Annoyingly catchy tunes though, I found myself humming them at work this week.

Author: JR


Re: Firefly, Leicester
Fri, 25 Nov 2005 11:28
Posted by Matthew
Old Basford are great :) But then, we all knew that already didn't we!? See you saturday, dirty hippies.
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