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Whilst we wait for the new stuff to be polished up a little, here is a recording of Hunting Rabbits from earlier this year using our everso popular "two mics pointing in directions" recording technique.

Hunting Rabbits

You will probably need to "right-click" and "save as" to hear it properly, as it is variable bitrate so it might not play in your browser properly.

Author: JR
V is for umm...More Video?

I have stuck up an old video on YouTube. It's of us playing Viable Material a couple of years ago at Scott Teams Guitar Bank Holiday#1. Go look and rate it and comment and do all that other stuff you are meant to do on YouTube.

Author: JR
V is for Video

Does this go in sounds? I suppose it might as well do. If you want to see some Alocacoce footage pop over to YouTube to see Alocacoce play David Bowie at Firebug. You will be astounded by our stage craft and presence no doubt. Sitting on a high stool and swinging your legs like a five year old has never been so rock and roll.

Thanks to DrunkDan for filming and posting the vid.

Author: JR
We are still kicking...

You could be forgiven for thinking that we had forgotten all about Kiajaroovah from a casual glance of the site, so just for the doubters here are a couple of rough recordings from a few months ago...

He Stood on His Tiptoes

Stoned Whippet*

* Song titles may go down as well as up.

Author: JR
Alocacoce @ The Doghouse

Here as promised is the recording of the Doghouse gig we did for Howard Coleman. The mp3 is the entire gig as one file because I don't have the m4D 1337 5k1llz required to chop it all up into bits. Oh, and the bass guitar is a bit too quiet.

Alocacoce @ The Doghouse - 27th June 06

This was recorded using Howards "Acoustic Reinforcement" set up and a minidisc player.

Author: JR

As we haven't really had our act together recently, forgetting to record things, running out of tape, this weeks bits and pieces are from a couple of weeks ago and feature Matt Vent on the drums.

tinCAN - Part 1 - 19 Aug 05
tinCAN - Part 2 - 19 Aug 05
tinCAN - Part 3 - 19 Aug 05
tinCAN - Part 4 - 19 Aug 05

Recorded with two mics, pointed in directions as usual. Leave comments in the comments bit if you would. We know the drums are a bit loud...

Author: JR
Get me a bag of apples

We're back! With some more bits and pieces for you to download and enjoy, mistakes and all. This week we seemed to be mostly concerned with grooves, with a little ray of sunshine at the end in the form of a spontaneous sing-a-long pop song without words.

Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 1 - 12th Aug 2005
Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 2 - 12th Aug 2005
Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 3 - 12th Aug 2005
Get me a Bag of Apples - Part 4 - 12th Aug 2005
Get Me a Bag of Apples - Part 5 - 12th Aug 2005

For those of you desperate to know about this weeks recording set-up, it was a return to the classic "two mics pointed in directions" method.

Author: JR
JR + Jude acoustic nonsense

Listen here for JR and Jude's entire set from Howard Coleman's acoustic night on 12th May 2005. Warts 'n' all.

Author: jude
A Wasp in the Eye

A Wasp in the Eye - Part 1 - 1st July 2005
A Wasp in the Eye - Part 2 - 1st July 2005
A Wasp in the Eye - Part 3 - 1st July 2005

Some more bits and pieces, this time recorded with four microphones. And as a special treat a song about a duck.

Quack Quack - 13th May 2005

Don't say we don't spoil you. Leave us your minds in the comments.

Author: JR
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